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     Back pain is a huge problem affecting our population.  In fact, studies have shown that back pain is the #2 reason for visits to doctors' offices (after the common cold), and approximately 80% of the population will suffer from at least one severe bout of back pain during their lifetime.  For most of us, it's simply a matter of time.  While there are many different types of back pain, most types are what we consider "mechanical" in nature.  By this, we mean that there is an actual physical problem that has occurred within the back, such as a restriction to motion or misalignment of the bones in your spine, a herniated or bulging disc, a pulled muscle or ligament, maybe even a combination of several factors.  Such mechanical problems are best served by a mechanical solution that addresses their cause.  If your car were to suddenly start screeching loudly every time you hit the gas pedal, you wouldn't just turn up the radio to drown out the sound.  That wouldn't fix anything.  So why would you try to fix your back problem by taking something that will only mask the pain, without fixing the underlying cause? 

     Chiropractors are doctors specifically trained to examine, diagnose, and treat such physical problems of the body, with a large portion of their practice dedicated to the many types of back pain.  Your chiropractor can determine the specific problem you are experiencing, order and examine x-rays if needed, and prescribe a treatment program that is custom-designed for your needs.  Whether it might be a spinal disc decompression treatment, re-aligning specific joints of the body, stretching, strengthening and rehabilitating after an injury, or simply preventative care to keep small problems from becoming big problems, your chiropractor has a solution for you that is as individual as you are.  Chiropractic has proven itself as the "gold standard" of treatment when it comes to back pain.  A recent study completed by the Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) in 2004 showed that patients receiving chiropractic care recovered from their injuries much faster, returned to their jobs sooner, and required far fewer office visits than those electing to go to a physiotherapist.  Similar studies comparing chiropractic treatment of back pain to traditional medical treatment (surgery and/or medication) have again shown chiropractic as the treatment of choice.  Do what's right for you, and for your body.  Take your aching back to your chiropractor.

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