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Neck Pain


     Neck pain is no fun.  It can be a real pain in the neck!  Whether it's something you woke up with this morning after an uncomfortable night's sleep, something that developed after a car accident, or maybe just a sudden sharp pain while turning your head, neck pain can affect every aspect of our daily life.  For some, a misalignment in the joints of the neck can lead to chronic and debilitating headaches.  For others a nerve may become compressed or entrapped as it leaves the spine on its way down the arm, taking with it severe pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in that arm.  Regardless of the many causes of neck pain, there are few effective treatments available that can address the root cause of the neck pain at its source.  Chiropractic treatment has shown itself to be very effective, very safe, and without the risks and side effects associated with other forms of treatment for this area.  In fact, a study published in 2002 in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that chiropractic care of neck pain resulted in faster recovery, gave better treatment effect, and cost significantly less than either physiotherapy or care by a general practitioner.

     Your chiropractor is a doctor trained specifically to examine, diagnose, and apply treatment for your neck pain in a manner that is not only effective for your condition, but takes into consideration your level of comfort.  Treatment plans are customized to suit the individual patient, with some requiring simple treatment for minor mechanical problems of the neck and shoulders, others requiring more rehabilitation and changes to their work habits, sleep and daily routine.  Chiropractors can help correct your immediate pain and discomfort, and can also provide care and suggestions that will keep you in good health.  Don't let neck pain ruin your enjoyment of life, get your health back in line at your chiropractor’s office.

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