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     There are a wide range of different conditions that chiropractors are able to treat.  Most people recognize chiropractors as specialists in problems of the spine and joints of the body.  In fact, much of what chiropractors do is also related to ensuring that the many nerves of the body are working correctly, and without any impediment to their normal function.  You can think of the nerves in your body as the wiring that connects and sends information between different parts of our body.  Nerves exit from our spinal cord above and below each bone in our spine.  These nerves travel to the muscles, the skin, to the many organs that control and regulate our body functions.  We are able to see because a nerve takes that information from the eye to the brain.  We are able to move our arms and legs because a signal from our brain is carried down through the spinal nerves to our arms and legs.  Likewise, all of the bodily functions we take for granted, such as eating, breathing, digesting our food, even the rate at which our heart beats are all controlled thanks to nerves that relay this information to and from the brain.  

     Since these nerves pass between the joints of the spine as they leave the spinal cord, they have the potential to be irritated by changes that occur to the spine.  For example, a person who has been in a car accident may be suffering from pain shooting down their arms.  Often this is caused by one of the joints in their neck being injured in the accident, causing compression of one of the nerves that leaves the spine in the neck area.  In some cases, this patient would only have pain in their arms with no pain at all felt in the neck, even though the problem is occurring in their neck.  Chiropractic treatment focuses on correcting the source of the problem, in this case by restoring the proper mobility, alignment, and function of the neck by addressing the nerve that is being irritated.  This will ensure that the symptoms this patient feels in their arms are no longer being created.  For this reason, you can see that Chiropractic treatment can improve your overall health by allowing proper and undisturbed flow of information within each of the many nerves, and can impact a large number of health conditions by allowing your body to operate at its maximum potential

     Your Doctor of Chiropractic takes a natural approach that emphasizes the whole body, not simply one affected area.  Chiropractors are trained and experienced in matters of nutrition, wellness, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  If you are wondering whether we are able to offer a treatment solution for your particular condition, please don't hesitate to call our office.  We can let you know what options we have available for you, or refer you to a provider that can take on your case.

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