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Back Pain

Neck Pain


Auto Accidents

Workplace Injuries


Sports Injuries

Arm/Leg Pain

Foot Pain








Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription


     Certain conditions require that you have an ongoing stretching or exercising program to bring you back to your normal health, and to prevent re-injury from occurring.  Doctors of Chiropractic are able to design a program that correctly addresses your health needs, while remaining comfortable for you to do.  Some cases require in-office visits to restore  your level of health, but others you can do in your own home, and at the convenience of your schedule. 

     Whether you need to recover from a nagging injury, or get your routine at the gym up to peak performance, your Chiropractor can assist you in reaching your potential.  A computerized report of your rehab program can be sent home with you, or taken to the gym, to ensure you are completing your prescription exercises correctly, and at a time and pace that suits your busy schedule.  Take charge of your body, and see your Doctor of Chiropractic about your rehab program.


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