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Sports Injuries


     Sports play an important role in our lives.  They allow us to keep physically active while enjoying something that we like to participate in.  Sports injuries rob us of both our ability to take part in the sports we enjoy, and the fitness benefits associated with them.  Those who have suffered an injury while playing sports will know the importance of being able to quickly return to their game. 

     Chiropractic Doctors are uniquely positioned within the health care system to best provide care for all types of sports injuries.  Emphasizing a physical, hands-on approach to therapy and rehabilitation, Chiropractors can draw from a wide range of treatments to properly suit your needs.  Whether its a simple sprain or strain, a more severe injury that requires your Chiropractor to prescribe x-rays, a repetitive or chronic joint injury that needs special rehab, or any other type of sports-related injury, your Chiropractic Doctor has the expertise to diagnose and provide treatment for all of these conditions.  Chiropractors also provide all types of therapy well-known in the sports field, such as ultrasound, "cold" laser, exercises and stretches, electrical stimulation, and many others.  Research has also shown many benefits for elite athletes who go to their chiropractor to achieve their best on the playing field.  In fact, a medical study found that University-level athletes who went to a chiropractor had improved overall athletic performance, better oxygenation of their muscle tissues, and had fewer injuries.  Treat your body right, see your chiropractor today about restoring or enhancing your athletic ability.  

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